Crohn's Disease & Beyond: My Story - eBook

Author’s Note

I talk later on about being intensely private, so I thought it appropriate to include a note of my reasons for writing this ebook. I’m fortunate to be articulate enough to put my experiences in to words and above everything else, for me, the journey of writing this book and remembering, has been both cathartic and healing.

I’ve lived with Crohn’s Disease in all its manifestations since I was thirteen and despite the pain and struggling to achieve what I have in life, I enjoy my life fully and have fulfilled most of my ambitions so far, despite only being thirty eight. I know there are more dreams to come. That’s what life’s all about.

I hope that one day there will be a cure for Crohn’s Disease and other inflammatory bowel diseases, because statistics show that their occurrence is on the increase in the Western world. In my opinion, not enough money is put in to research projects for a cure for these diseases. I give what I can to charities supporting such research and urge anyone else who can afford to, to do the same. I’m pleased to say that £1 from the sale of each ebook will go to research projects via NACC (UK), CCFA (USA) and CCFC (Canada)

My surgeon once said that I was doing my best to tick all the ‘Crohn’s Disease boxes’. Not much to be proud of, but if, through my experiences I can help other people come to terms with living with inflammatory bowel disease, or having to cope with living with a stoma, then I hope it’s achieved its purpose.

I have included my email address at the end of the ebook and would invite anyone who has questions for me, any research projects to recommend or who just wants to chat, to contact me. I’ll do my best to reply to everyone.

Stay strong, positive and determined, and don’t ever give up on your dreams.

x Julie


Author’s Note

Chapter 1   –   The Normal Years

Chapter 2   –   Growing Pains?

Chapter 3   –   The Diagnosis & Denial

Chapter 4   –   Boyfriends and My Teens

Chapter 5   –   The Exam Years

Chapter 6   –   My Twenties & Intimacy Issues

Chapter 7   –   Struggling at Work

Chapter 8   –   Surrendering to the Inevitable

Chapter 9   –   A Whole New Life

Chapter 10 –   A Very Private Person

Chapter 11 –   Public Toilets!!

Chapter 12 –   The Lows & Sick Again

Chapter 13 –   Sex, Body Image and Great Clothes

Chapter 14 –   My Husband

Chapter 15 –   Trying to Get Pregnant

Chapter 16 –   Positivity


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